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Images de Guerre (Box 2 now available)
WWII French and German newsreels are searchable and accessible 24/7 on your school’s LAN!
Images de Guerre is a scholarly series of 3 DVD-ROM boxes. Together they offer a total of 85 hours of war-time newsreels, which had been created during the years, 1940-46, and shown to the French movie-going public. Images de Guerre presents the military campaigns of the various fronts; men and women, children and families, portrayed in their daily lives; political and social figures (Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pétain, etc.); celebrities from the world of sports, the arts, and entertainment, and reports on economic and cultural activities. French and German authorities created the newsreels—as propaganda—to provide a certain understanding of how domestic and international events were affecting the war effort and to influence morale on the home-front.
Leading historians of the Second World War and the Resistance selected these newsreels for this scholarly edition from the archive in which they had been preserved in France, the INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel). They also wrote annotations to help students understand the history of the Second World War, on the one hand, and the role of propaganda, on the other. Students and advanced researchers can better understand the war years by analyzing the primary sources themselves, specifically the film footage, reproduced in these DVD-ROMs. For the purpose of analyzing political and war propaganda, the historians have provided a critical methodology to assist students at all levels.
The Academic Audience:
Advisors recommend this series for students in the following courses:
·         Western Civilization
·         World History
·         Twentieth-Century European History
·         World Wars
·         French History
·         French Language and Civilization
·         French Film
·         French Resistance
·         Fascism
·         Film and Propaganda
·         AP French
·         AP European History
This is your last chance to buy the collection with an early subscriber discount.

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Images de Guerre DVD (can be downloaded on your school's LAN)

European Colonialism (online version – Fall 2006)

Le Moyen Age en Lumière (online version)

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